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Lip and cheek stain

Normally I make natural skin care products. But what use is it to make natural care products for our face, but cover it with unhealthy make-up? Sure, half natural is way better than not natural at all, but wouldn’t it be better to use natural make-up as well? That’s why today I’m making a natural lip stain.

You can make this lip stain in any tint you like, and it doubles as a cheek stain. In fact, the ingredients in this lip stain are almost identical to the lip and cheek stain the famous make-up brand benefit sells. Only this DIY version is way cheaper and contains safer colorings.

The ingredient that’s going to give your lips that beautiful hint of color, is food coloring. Go to your grocery store and select the color you want your lips to be. You can also mix colors to achieve your perfect color. Just make sure you buy a food coloring that dissolves in water. Furthermore, you need  glycerin and distilled water. Do not use tab water or bottled water, because than your lip stain will spoil in a few days. If you would like your stain to be a little more caring and be exactly like the benefit one, substitute half the distilled water with rose water. 

Mix up a spoon full of glycerin with some food coloring. The more food coloring you use, the more intense the color of your lip stain will be. I wanted a bright red lip stain, so I used equal parts.

Pour the mixture into a little bottle. You could use an old clean lip gloss tube, a bottle with a little rollerball or a little jar. I chose to use a little glass bottle and I took a (new, not used) pain brush, sniped off the top part and glued this in the lid of the bottle.

Now add the distilled water until your bottle is full. Or fill it up with half distilled water and half rose water.

Now your stain is finished. You can use it by dipping your brush or applicator in the mixture and applying it on your lips or cheeks. Glycerin has the tendency to be a bit sticky the first few days, so if you don’t like this feeling, leave it for 2 or 3 days before using it.

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